Welcome to IndiPro
INDIPRO GREENDRIVE PRIVATE LIMITED is a professional EVSE manufacturing company committed to the research and development, production and testing of electric vehicle chargers.

The company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with its production facility in Gandhinagar and Chennai. With a long history in the EV industry, we are the most reliable navigator in the domain - and your best choice for delivering smarter e-Mobility.

INDIPRO GREENDRIVE is India's first company to import BYD's first smart 12-meter pure electric bus and the first company to receive an RTO registration number plate for an electric bus. We have an advanced production management system, and manufacturing process and our products include power safety products for residential, commercial, industrial, and similar facilities.


Our unwavering commitment to ethics ensures transparency, fairness, and integrity in all our business practices, fostering a culture of trust and professionalism.

Drive for Excellence

Our drive for innovation and continuous improvement fuels our success in the market, while our commitment to sustainability ensures a bright future for both our company and the planet.


We uphold a strong set of core values including integrity, accountability, and respect, guiding our actions and decisions to create a positive impact on our customers, employees, and the environment.


Our dedication to environmental responsibility is reflected in our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, promote sustainable practices, and invest in eco-friendly transportation solutions.

We are on a mission to offer global evolution to sustainable energy and the best EV charging experience with our advanced and powerful EVSE that will be the inevitable future for the EV business. We electrify green automation to make it more sustainable and reliable.
We envisioned being one of the best EVSE manufacturing companies in India. We strive to provide high-quality, sustainable, and reliable EV chargers to help in transitioning the world towards a more eco-friendly future.